Genius Tempus #1

Fostering constructive dialogues and architectural critique in the MENA region through exhibitions, symposiums, and workshops.


Following the successful completion of the participatory project, Houshygama’ana Gamassa, in Egypt with the support of UNHCR, the inaugural edition of ArchitectureForChange unfolded in 2016. Organized by Oecumene Spaces for Dignity, this event was spearheaded by architects and planners, Insaf from Tunisia and Omar from Egypt. That year marked the commencement of the “GENIUS TEMPUS” series, titled “Think the collective,” featuring an exhibition, symposium, and workshop. This milestone event not only initiated a crucial endeavor within the MENA region but also became a catalyst for fostering constructive dialogues and architectural critique. Going beyond the conventional exhibition format, this platform stands as a dynamic conduit for community mobilization.

Beyond the Lens"

Genius Tempus #1 Speakers