Genius Tempus #4

Chapter 4: Dignity & the Genius of JamāA

 The fourth event in our “GENIUS TEMPUS” series unfolds on the fertile grounds of North Africa, dedicated to exploring the profound theme of dignity and celebrating the genius inherent in collective effort.

In this transformative gathering, we delve into the essence of human dignity, examining its intersections with architectural brilliance and the collaborative spirit that shapes communities. Under the banner of “Harmony of Dignity,” we aspire to illuminate the threads that connect us all, fostering a dialogue that transcends borders, ideologies, and disciplines.

Our focus remains unwavering – to bridge the gap between practitioners and inhabitants, giving rise to projects that emanate from the collective consciousness, breaking free from standardized molds. This event is not merely an exhibition; it is a collaborative symphony where the dignity of individuals merges with the genius of the collective.

Special issue #1

The pilot new phase of ArchitectureForChange initiative is to create a comprehensive and engaging representation of its ethos, developments, and innovations through specially designed issues. This publication will skillfully blend physical and digital mediums, providing readers with an immersive and informative experience. Beyond serving as a documentation tool for the journey and accomplishments of ArchitectureForChange, the special edition magazine seeks to inspire and captivate its audience. It aspires to foster a community of forward-thinking individuals, including both innovative thinkers and practitioners, who are committed to reshaping architectural concepts and practices. The magazine's unique approach involves the seamless integration of physical and digital elements, offering a holistic exploration of ArchitectureForChange that goes beyond traditional documentation, encouraging readers to actively engage with and contribute to the transformative ideas within the architectural community. This pilot will be developed with local partners in Tunisia.

The genius of JamāA

A momentum in Tunisia for Knowledge sharing, production, and awareness: knowledge becomes accessible and actionable. The Fourth event will be held in Nefta, Tunisia, where the rhythmic heartbeat of history converges with the innovative pulse of the future. More info coming soon.