Genius Tempus #2

Shaping Architectural Discourse, Fostering Community Collaboration, and Amplifying Emerging Voices in the MENA Region.


The second installment of the “GENIUS TEMPUS” series unfolds as a catalyst for constructive debates and architectural criticism in the MENA region. This exhibition, titled “Think Architecture,” marks the inception of a series dedicated to showcasing a curated selection of theories, texts, quotes, essays, and works from philosophers, thinkers, and architects who have profoundly influenced the understanding and practice of architecture. Exploring the pivotal themes of “What is Architecture?” and “What is Architectural Theory?” the exhibition delves into the essence of these fundamental questions, shedding light on their impact on shaping our built environment and cities.

In tandem, we conducted a parallel workshop on design thinking focused on the SIWA oasis—a co-design initiative with local communities. This hands-on collaboration aimed to integrate local perspectives and knowledge into the architectural discourse.

Additionally, we hosted a forum for young scholars and trailblazers across various disciplines, including researchers, constructors, students, and activists. This platform provided an opportunity for emerging voices to present their work and engage in meaningful dialogues, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas within the architectural community.

The exhibition

Building archives

Building archives for architectural thought, we present a curated collection of translated excerpts from key books, capturing less than 2% of the vast landscape of architectural theories. Our focus lies not on chronological representation but on an intentional order of thought and critique. The objective is to unravel the impactful movements and paradigms that have shaped architecture, making these profound ideas more accessible for exploration and understanding.