ArchitectureForChange. GeniusTempus

.// At the margin of the discipline

ArchitectureForChange .// At the margin of the discipline is a series of momentums of workshops, seminars, exhibitions and in-situ pop-up Spatial experiences, that aim to foster knowledge exchange and to track #on the margin practices in the field of Architecture and in particular: Architecture in development designed, curated and developed by Œcumene Studio – Œcumene Spaces For Dignity 

Chapter 1: ArchitectureForChange - Chapter 1: Genius Tempus - 2015

> The inaugural exhibition, symposium and workshop of the "GENIUS TEMPUS" series: "Think the collective." This event signifies the commencement of a significant initiative within the MENA region, dedicated to cultivating constructive dialogues and architectural critique. In contrast to conventional exhibitions, this platform transcends the traditional role of display; it serves as a dynamic conduit for community mobilization.

_Egypt – Tahrir Square – Goethe Institut & UNHCR

Chapter 2: GENIUS TEMPUS CHAPTER 2 WHAT ? Quoi ? - 2017

>The second chapter of “GENIUS TEMPUS” series of events, paving the way for constructive Debates and Architectural Criticism in the MENA region. This exhibition entitled: Think architecture. It is the first of a serious of exhibitions aiming to exhibit a selection of theories, texts, quotes and, essays, works of philosophers, thinkers, and architects that had a significant impact on understanding architecture and its practice as well as on shaping our built environment and cities. The focal point of the Exhibition are two major questions: I. What is Architecture? II. What is Architectural Theory?

_Egypt – Alexandria – French Institut 

Chapter 3: Nudging Limitations Through Spatial Practices - 2021

This webinar series concerns ‘limitations’ and spatial practices that challenge and work through them. The latest events with the outbreak of COVID-19 have highlighted two main issues: our perception of ‘limitations’ has –ironically- widened, and the ‘role’ built environment as a recipient and a frontier of change has been affirmed. This series addresses "Limitation" beyond the traditional semiology of limits and restrains. It employs the word in its wider sense: the perplexity of restrictiveness that paralyzes agents and the challenging nature of the overshadowed possibilities that induces creativity cracking open the status quo. This series is about how limitations become –even partially- subject to the everydayness of the ‘will’ to change.

_Online – Virtual 

Chapter 4: Dignity & the Genius of JamāA

A momentum in Tunisia for Knowledge sharing, production, and awareness: knowledge becomes accessible and actionable. Welcome to Tunisia, where the rhythmic heartbeat of history converges with the innovative pulse of the future. The fourth event in our "GENIUS TEMPUS" series unfolds on the fertile grounds of North Africa, dedicated to exploring the profound theme of dignity and celebrating the genius inherent in collective effort. In this transformative gathering, we delve into the essence of human dignity, examining its intersections with architectural brilliance and the collaborative spirit that shapes communities. Under the banner of "Harmony of Dignity," we aspire to illuminate the threads that connect us all, fostering a dialogue that transcends borders, ideologies, and disciplines. Our focus remains unwavering – to bridge the gap between practitioners and inhabitants, giving rise to projects that emanate from the collective consciousness, breaking free from standardized molds. This event is not merely an exhibition; it is a collaborative symphony where the dignity of individuals merges with the genius of the collective.

Our story

In the 21st century, a transformative shift is observed in architecture and urban practice, with professionals across disciplines actively engaging in community development, urban planning, and conflict resolution. This evolution is a response to the contemporary human condition, focusing on the environments in which people live. A new generation of young professionals has emerged worldwide, dedicated to designing innovative solutions and supporting local civil societies in reshaping their built environments. This movement has redefined the concept, theory, and practice of architecture, emphasizing its relationship with the notion of Milieux.

In 2015, Oecumene Spaces for Dignity organized the inaugural ArchitectureForChange event, led by architects and urban planners Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni  and Omar Wanas. Born from the success of the UNHCR-supported project, Houshygama’ana Gamassa, this marked the beginning of the “GENIUS TEMPUS” series. The journey began with the inaugural symposium in 2016 at Tahrir Lounge, Goethe Institut in Cairo, Egypt, followed by the second symposium, “Genius Tempus Chap.1,” at the French Institute in Alexandria in 2017. Despite challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, ArchitectureForChange adapted, presenting a special webinar series titled “Nudging Limitations” during this period. Curated by Insaf Ben Othmane Hamrouni and Layla Zibar, the series explored spatial practices that challenge constraints.

Now, ArchitectureForChange returns with a hybrid celebration, marking a decade of existence for Œcumene Spaces For Dignity & Œcumene Studio For Integrated Planning & Sustainable Design. Partnering with Archibat Tunisia, the event includes a special published edition followed by two milestones a 24-hour pop-up events of spatial dialogue in public space and co-design and Co-build workshop in Nefta Oasis, embodying a continued commitment to transformative and collaborative practices.